About us


Lindy Hop is our passion and we love sharing our knowledge with our students

Isabel ( Izzy ) Has been dancing for longer than she cares to remember starting out as a Highland dancer when she was just 11 and winning the southwest championship when she 25

Izzy has been dancing the Lindy Hop for 17 years and teaching it for 15 years

Colin ( Colin ) ☺ Like many started dancing with learning to Jive and quickly moved on to Lindy Hop and has now been teaching with Izzy for 7 years having danced Lindy Hop for 9 years

We both also work full-time, Izzy a Dental nurse and Colin a car body repair technician

You will find us most weekends out social dancing or organising our own events

Why do we love the Lindy Hop, its fun, sociable and you never stop learning, which is why we regularly attend International camps to learn from the best in the business.

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Welcome to Worcester Swing Dance


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