New Beginner Q&A’s

Lindy Hop is a partner dance with someone who Lead’s and someone who Follow’s. As a Leader you will learn how to communicate the dance moves to your partner.

Followers – what is that?
As a Follow you will learn how to respond to your Leader and how to add styling to your dance moves.

Leaders can be either gender the same goes for the follower, so if you have a friend/partner of the same sex who would like to learn to dance you can bring them along, altougth we do recommend that you stick to the same role each week

Do I need a dance partner?
No but we encourage you to find a partner to book with. Leaders can be either gender the same goes for the follower

What is rotation in class?                                                                                                                        Its basically changing partners during class, its proven to be the best way to learn and you get to know your fellow class members, plus its lots of fun!

What sort of dancing shoes shall I wear?
Please wear flat comfortable non marking soled shoes (black soles tend to leave a mark on floors so please avoid wearing these) Soles that don’t have too much grip on them are best.

What clothes should I wear?
Wear something comfortable and that you can move freely in. Dancing is a physical activity so expect to get warm. Please bring a bottle of water with you as we are unable to supply refreshments at this time

What happens after the first 4 weeks?

What happens after the first 4 weeks? Although we can teach you quite a few things in your first few weeks this is just the start of your journey. We continue to teach you more of the basics so you can progress whilst having fun. Most beginners do 2 terms (around 12 weeks) or until they feel comfortable to take the next step into the improver level.

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